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Clean Room Setup

DataExpert supplies fast and cost effective cleanroom solutions. Using these products you will be able to erect dust/particle free space and create clean environments at an unmatched price level.

With the increasing reliance on information technology in our society, there is an increasing frequency of handling electronic evidences. Sound computer forensic and data recovery capability has become one of the core competences when delivering regulatory functions.

In order to help clients increase their capabilities in computer forensic and data recovery related matters, DataExpert would like to provide a qualified data recovery laboratory at industrial standard and proprietary tools.

We provide detailed information of below items:
  • Physical layout of a clean room as a data recovery laboratory
  • Requirement of data recovery tools, including hardware equipment, software and training
  • To let our clients build up a professional data recovery expertise, we will design a best cost allocation between all resources needed to perform data recovery tasks, including hardware, software, facility space and trained personnel.
  • We suggest that our customers consider the following environmental conditions:
            1) Household electricity
            2) Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system (HVAC)
            3) Furniture design
            4)Humidity control
            5) Structural design consideration

Electromagnetic Wave-Free Room Setup

An Electromagnetic Wave-Free Room uses Skim Block technology to block microwaves, X-ray and electromagnetic waves (radio waves).

The Skim Block can block the frequency to:
  • Tenth at 20dB
  • Hundredth at 40dB
  • Thousandth at 60dB
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