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Visual NAND Reconstructor
Model: DER-VNR
Chip-off data recovery and digital forensic tool for broken NAND storages such as USB, SSD, SD card, tablet, smartphone etc., with a user-friendly software interface.
Special Features:
- Extract data from damaged NAND flash storage devices
- Strong chip type support with constant updates
- User-friendly and flexible software

Visual NAND Reconstructor is a powerful and user-friendly tool for chip-off data recovery and digital forensic projects on broken NAND flash storage devices. It has a universal NAND Reader that can read memory of any NAND package.

The NAND reader reads a physical image (dump) out of a flash memory chip via a special adapter, then the software processes the physical image and convert it to a logical image with file system.

Typical Scenarios
  • Physical damage
  • Electrical damage
  • Firmware failure
  • Thermal damage
  • Non-recognizable disk in OS
  • Analysis of “non-addressed areas” of NAND
Supported Data Storage Devices

USB, SSD, SD card, monolithic flash media, Micro SD card, MS card, XD card, digital voice recorder, MP3 player, tablet, smartphone, other NAND based data storage devices

Supported NAND memory

Micron (2Ch), Intel (89h), Toshiba (98h), Sandisk (45h), Hynix (ADh), Samsung (ECh), other ONFI and non-standard.

Supported Controllers

Alcor Micro (AU), Innostor (IS), Jmicron (JMF), Indilinx (IDX), ITE (IT), Lexar (FC), Phison (PS), Samsung, Sandisk, Silicon Motion (SM), Skymedi (SK), Solid State Systems (SSS), Stec, Toshiba (TC), USBest (UT), others

NAND Reader

The NAND reader reads a physical image (dump) out of a flash memory chip via a special adapter.

Supported NAND Packages
  • TSOP48, LGA52, LGA60, TSOP56, BGA100, BGA152, BGA154, BGA224, Monolithic chips.
  • Samsung, Sandisk, Hynix, Toshiba, Intel, Micron and others
Data Transfer Protocols
  • Asynchronous ONFI
  • DDR
  • WL tripple address
  • WL tripple address with DDR
NAND Architectures


Power Adjustment
  • Power adjustment of Core and I/O ports of NAND chips from 1.6V to 4.0V.
  • Helps to reduce bit errors that appear while memory chip is reading under standard 3.3 Volts.
  • Voltage level can be adjusted through software.
NAND Access Modes
  • Read NAND physical image to dump file (data recovery and digital forensics)
  • Real-time access (Bit error estimation, NAND configuration analysis)
I/O Data Bus

According to ONFI standard and Samsung recommendations the reader supports 8-bit and 16-bit data bus.


Data transfer rate is 7-10 Mb/s depending on NAND chip.

  • Mini-USB 2.0 interface for connecting to PC
  • ZIF interface for adapter connection
NAND Adapters

Visual NAND Reconstructor has a set of high quality adapters for most popular types of NAND chips, including TSOP48, TLGA52, TSOP56, BGA100, BGA152, BGA154, BGA224, Monolithic chips.

The list of supported NAND adapters will be constantly updated as new types of NAND memory chips emerge.

VNR Software

Data Recovery & Digital Forensic Capabilities
  • Physical image extraction
  • Special scrambler (XOR) extraction mode
  • Physical to logical image conversion
  • Wiped/obsolete blocks analysis
  • File system analysis
Automatic Analysis

Automatic analysis modes make image reconstruction and data recovery process easier and faster:
  • XOR autoanalysis
  • Data area analysis
  • Spare area analysis
  • Data transformation analysis
  • Block/page allocation analysis
  • FAT/NTFS metadata analysis

Tools & Modes
  • Advanced Heximal viewer
  • Active Bitmap viewer
  • Structure viewer
  • Record viewer
  • Page viewer
  • Scrambler (XOR key) extractor
  • Dump Navigator
  • File system viewer (works with most common file systems of flash devices – FAT and NTFS)

Dump Operations
  • Physical image
  • ECC
  • Inversion
  • XOR (Descrambler)
  • Pair
  • Separate
  • Rotate
  • Unite
  • Offsets
  • Arrange blocks
  • Data area
  • Edit
  • Bit verification
Block Translation
  • Universal adjustable Physical to Logical Block translation algorithm
  • Manual and automatic sorting, filtering and analysis of Main (Base) blocks, Replacement blocks, Log blocks, Obsolete blocks, Bad blocks, Empty blocks, FW Blocks, Translation Table blocks
  • Reverse Logical to Physical block translation for file system and data correction
Error Correction Codes
  • Automatic error correction code detection and virtual image correction
  • ECC map
  • Multipass reading by ECC map
Other Features
  • User-friendly, intuitive GUI with unified functions and drag & drop function
  • Work with any number of NAND physical images and different tools in multi-window mode
  • Built-in and regularly-updated database of NAND chips and controller configurations
  • User database – used to store users’ configurations and solutions
  • Built-in functions for reverse engineering of new controllers
  • Unique modes of data visualization with multi-level image structure description
  • Case management system with logging

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