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Hard Drive Destroyer
Model: DED-HD2
The HDD destroyer physically destroys a hard drive to prevent access to data by bending the hard drive into a V-Shape, following DoD 5220.22M standard and National Security Agent (NSA).
Special Features:
- Secure destruction of hard drive
- One push operation & less than 10s/job
- Complies with DoD, NSA & NIST Standard

The DED-HD2 physically destroys a hard drive by bending, breaking and mangling both its external and internal components including the data platters. The data platters are bent and separated from the hub, the hard drive housing is cracked, the PC board is broken and the read/write heads are mangled.


  • Easy and fast operation with one push button design
  • Destruction cycle time less than 10 sec.
  • Door type design for easy handling
  • LED Status Indicator Light for process controlling
  • Embedded Usage Counter for record management
  • Built-in spot light for process monitoring
  • Industrial Grade “V-Shape” Bending Hammer
  • Safety design with overheat warning light, power lock and emergency stop
  • Less than 40 DB during operation
  • 36 KG super light weight
  • Compact design for office environment
  • Compliant with international standards, including NSA/CSS SDDM 9-12 requirements and DoD Emergency Destruction Guidelines


The DED-HD2 assists you to meet compliance standards of government mandates which require secure destruction of sensitive information stored on medium prior to their disposal or recycling, including:


DoD 5220.22M

DoD Emergency Destruction Guidelines


NIST SP 800-36 / 800-88

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